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October 11, 2008
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Rapidshare.com is a popular place for storing files in internet. Have very big limits to 200 mb, even when a free account. If you want to download a file you need to know it. One of the characteristics of what is omitted when creating rapidshare.com is the lack of the ability to search files. But you can also do this by using 2 well-known search engines my files:



I hope that the pages will be useful for you to find files.

Observation and reflection on the leading search engines RapidShare files

September 24, 2008
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When in the web page itself today, I began to thoroughly investigate how the leading search engine file type RapidShare / MEGAUPLOAD. The facts are such that the majority of them work in a similar manner that is: user enters the search page giving some to find a phrase, then displays the search results page where you can download interesting us a file

type the correct token

is redirected to a page that Partner Programwants us to install a program through which it will be possible to download the file to find us!

We are simply deceived, because we can not continue to download a file that we are interested! In addition, we are being infected by viruses, Trojans and spyware!
Webmasters do it deliberately making users for each installation of such a program! Here are examples of such search engines:

  • Loadingvault [dot] com
  • Rapidlibrary [dot] com
  • 4megaupload [dot] com
  • RapidShare-MEGAUPLOAD-search-engine [dot] com

These are examples of the leading search engines files on the network, we cheat.
Remember beware on them!

A few words about the new project…

September 23, 2008
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Hello all, My name is Simon and a few weeks working on a new interesting project …
For sure many of you readers now this post ever searched on Google or MSN or Yahoo music, movies, programs, photographs, the instruction manual. Many of these links find was led by the total shit sites where you webmasters served tons ads and empty information. As you know most of these files can be found on the type of services RapidShare, mediaspace, badongo, mediafire, sendspace etc, we also know that such services can not be just to download the file must be know with its url. Following in the footsteps I create the search engine files placed on the above-mentioned services. Her name is 4rapidsearch, and in this time of the database is located approximately 700 k files and is increasing all the time. We will soon give a url but not wcześnij than all the work on appearance are already completed. So I invite soon and greet,  Simon

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