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Observation and reflection on the leading search engines RapidShare files | September 24, 2008

When in the web page itself today, I began to thoroughly investigate how the leading search engine file type RapidShare / MEGAUPLOAD. The facts are such that the majority of them work in a similar manner that is: user enters the search page giving some to find a phrase, then displays the search results page where you can download interesting us a file

type the correct token

is redirected to a page that Partner Programwants us to install a program through which it will be possible to download the file to find us!

We are simply deceived, because we can not continue to download a file that we are interested! In addition, we are being infected by viruses, Trojans and spyware!
Webmasters do it deliberately making users for each installation of such a program! Here are examples of such search engines:

  • Loadingvault [dot] com
  • Rapidlibrary [dot] com
  • 4megaupload [dot] com
  • RapidShare-MEGAUPLOAD-search-engine [dot] com

These are examples of the leading search engines files on the network, we cheat.
Remember beware on them!

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